Free Aggie Realtor Referral

aggie realtor referral imageLooking for a great Aggie realtor?
  We offer a free Aggie Realtor Referral service to refer you to an experienced Aggie Realtor who can help you buy and/or sell your home.  Under this program, you can also quality for a cash back bonus of up to $6000 if you sell and purchase your home using a Realtor referred through our program.
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How much of a Cash Back Bonus can I receive?
When you use our Aggie Realtor Referral service to assist with the purchase or sale of your home, we will provide a Cash Back Bonus of up to $6000 to help with your down payment or closing costs.

Here’s an example:

Service Purchase/Sale Price Cash Back Bonus
Sell a Home $500,001 (or more) $3,000
Buy a Home $500,001 (or more) $3,000
Total Cash Back Bonus $6,000

How Do I Earn a Cash Back Bonus?
In order for you to receive a Cash Back Bonus, you must have been initially connected with and close a transaction using an Aggie Realtor provided by us.  You can maximize your bonus by using our Aggie Realtors to help you sell your current home and purchase a new one. Please note that Cash Back Bonus will only apply to when the purchase price and sale price are above $100,000.

What Steps do I have to take?
Take the following simple steps to receive a Cash Back Bonus.

  • Register with us by clicking the “Get a Realtor” button at the top of this web page or just click here to get started.
  • Purchase and/or sell a home using the Realtor referred to you by AgsReward.
  • Fax or email your contract to your Real Estate Coordinator when you are ready to make an offer to purchase or when you have received an offer to sell your home. Please do this before the offer is submitted or accepted.

How do I maximize my Cash Back Bonus Amount?
The more services that you use the larger the rebate. To maximize your Cash Back Bonus please let us refer you to an Aggie Realtor to both sell your current home and help you buy your new home.

When is the Cash Back Bonus Paid?
You will receive your Cash Back Bonus, within 30 days after the closing. Or, if you prefer, you can take the Cash Back Bonus as a credit at closing if allowed by your lender and if you provide sufficient notice for us to meet this request. In some states, the Cash Back Bonus must be taken as a closing credit. Please note that the Cash Back Bonus is void where prohibited by law and this offer can be changed/withdrawn at any time. The Cash Back Bonus offer may not be combined with any other offers (including those of our affiliates or partners).